Full-time Wedding Day Dog Chaperones

hounds & heritage weddings

Full-time Wedding Day Dog Chaperones

hounds & heritage weddings

When it comes to one of the most important days of your life, including your family furries into your wedding plans can be just as important as choosing who you are going to invite to help celebrate your big day.

As the Only Full-Time Woman-Led Wedding Day Dog Chaperone in Scotland, Jemma Cox, Founder of Hounds & Heritage, has generously put together a combination of services and resources which help you to include your dogs into your big day, less the worry, hassle, and stress.

No matter whether you see your dog being a ring bearer, meeting and greeting guests with your husband/bride-to-be, or you find yourself simply looking for help for the entire day, there is a package for you somewhere that ensures that when it comes to that once in a lifetime moment, you can have a perfect day with ALL of your family members present.


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As Wedding Chaperones, our primary responsibility is to prioritise the health and well-being of your canine companion, while also providing assistance with any requested wedding duties on the day of the occasion. 
The period preceding a wedding can be a highly stressful experience for both the Bride and Groom, and the same can be said for your dogs. It is therefore essential that the individuals who will be handling your dog have the ability to read canine body language and distinguish between excitement and anxiety.

With this in mind, it has been frequently noted that the services offered by myself and my team slightly differ from those provided by other chaperones. 
We like to get to know your dogs (as well as yourself), through a series of meetings (all of which are included in the individual packages offered), through dog walks, home visits, and trial days/nights.

Located in the picturesque countryside of Biggar, Cornhill Castle is just a stone's throw away from our home. We feel fortunate to have such a remarkable venue so close to home and cherish every opportunity to collaborate with the talented team at Cornhill Castle.


Luss holds a special place in our hearts, as it is where we grew up as children and eventually got married ourselves in October 21'. In addition to our personal connection to Luss, we are also grateful to be recommended suppliers for the stunning Lodge on Loch Lomond venue.

lodge on loch lomond

We are delighted to share that Enterkine has become our most popular venue, with just over a third of our bookings being hosted there. We genuinely love every aspect of Enterkine, from its stunning scenery to its welcoming and accommodating staff. We love every opportunity to work collaboratively with the Enterkine team.

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Most frequently visited venues

With more and more dog-friendly venues appearing, it is becoming easier to include your dog into the celebrations.
Hounds & Heritage Weddings has put together a variety of packages that can assist you on the big day, regardless of what it is that you are looking for. 

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Best decision of the wedding, cannot recommend Jemma enough. Freyja now has a home from home where she's super comfortable and we know she's treated like family. Jemma took the time to build a bond with Freyja so that despite her crazy corgi puppy ways she was so well behaved at the wedding! If anything, she's better behaved for Jemma than anyone else and Freyja ADORES her. So glad to have made the choice and booked up in advance of the wedding and we definitely missed Freyja more than she missed us, but never once did we worry while she was away.

- Vicky & andy (freyja)

"Freyja now has a home from home where she's super comfortable and we know she's treated like family."

We can't recommend Jemma enough. The time and care she puts in to ensure that your fur babies are comfortable and happy with her, her home and her family is unparalleled. On the day, having Jemma there to dedicate her attention to the most important guests meant the day went so smoothly and everyone commented on how well the puppies behaved. Having them with us on our special day meant the world and Jemma made it not only possible, but pleasurable!

- Eilidh & Sean (Duke & Annie)

"The time and care she puts in to ensure that your fur babies are comfortable and happy with her, her home and her family is unparalleled"

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